Zynga Has Released a New Trailer for Upcoming Team-Battler Star Wars: Hunters

Zynga has revealed a new cinematic trailer for its upcoming squad-based arena battler Star Wars: Hunters. While it doesn’t show off any gameplay, it does set the scene for the upcoming PvP action scrapper, and it looks pretty cool.

The game is set after the fall of the Empire, and sees you picking a character from a diverse roster in order to team up with other players and battle it out for the victory. There are lightsabres, bombs, lasers and loads more.

So let’s all just take a moment to watch the trailer and put a big Star Wars-y smile on our faces. The Jawa are definitely going to be our go-to characters.

Pre-registration for the game is now live on its official website, and you can sign up by clicking here. You’ll also find a bunch more information about Star Wars: Hunters while you’re there.

Star Wars: Hunters is scheduled for launch in 2022 on iOS, Android and Switch. It’s going to be free to play, and we’re pretty excited to get our hands on it. It’s about time mobile had an awesome Star Wars game other than KOTOR.